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Fresh | Organic | Sustainable

Our Story

When founder Lindsay Mescher decided to go plant-based in 2008, there were no options in town for healthy, vegetarian take-out and dining.  This encouraged her to start creating her own recipes.  Her love of cooking and passion for nutrition & whole foods inspired her dream of one day opening a café with a focus on health and sustainability.  


In 2010, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, one of the country’s biggest foodie cities and felt completely inspired.  She started hosting supper clubs at her home where she tried out her latest creations on friends.  For the past decade, Lindsay has been creating recipes and taking notes. 


After the sudden loss of her brother, she “retired” from her career and moved home to be with family.  This is when she decided to start Greenhouse Cafe in the community that she knows and loves so well, the place she calls home.

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